38% APY Explained

HEX Stakes average payout –
38% inflation a year.

  • The first Blockchain Time Deposit Cryptocurrency
  • High yield, ~ (38% APY)
  • Over 110,000 HEX Stakers , 6.66 Years Staking length
  • Daily payout per T share ~ 6.1 Hex
  • Richard Heart founder of Hex.com

How to Stake ?

  • Get Cash
  • Send Money to your preferred onramp like Kraken, Coinbase, Coinspot,
  • Buy Ethereum or USDC
  • Send Ethereum or USDC to Metamask
  • Go to 1inch exchange and connect Metamask
  • Use 1inch to swap your Eth or USDC into HEX
  • Once Hex is in your Metamask wallet go to HEX.com/Stake and choose your desired staking length and get paid daily ~ 37% Inflation ; )

Using Staker App

  • Download Staker App for Android or I Phone
  • Set up Staker and send Hex from Metamask or use Credit card to buy Hex direct
  • Use Staker App wallet to stake your desired staking length and earn Inflation Daily ~ 37% ; )

HEX wiki

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